module Net::SSH::Test

This module may be used in unit tests, for when you want to test that your SSH state machines are really doing what you expect they are doing. You will typically include this module in your unit test class, and then build a “story” of expected sends and receives:

require 'minitest/autorun'
require 'net/ssh/test'

class MyTest < Minitest::Test
  include Net::SSH::Test

  def test_exec_via_channel_works
    story do |session|
      channel = session.opens_channel
      channel.sends_exec "ls"
      channel.gets_data "result of ls"

    assert_scripted do
      result = nil

      connection.open_channel do |ch|
        ch.exec("ls") do |success|
          ch.on_data { |c, data| result = data }
          ch.on_close { |c| c.close }

      assert_equal "result of ls", result

See Net::SSH::Test::Channel and Net::SSH::Test::Script for more options.

Note that the Net::SSH::Test system is rather finicky yet, and can be kind of frustrating to get working. Any suggestions for improvement will be welcome!

Public Instance Methods

assert_scripted() { || ... } click to toggle source

First asserts that a story has been described (see story). Then yields, and then asserts that all items described in the script have been processed. Typically, this is called immediately after a story has been built, and the SSH commands being tested are then executed within the block passed to this assertion.

# File lib/net/ssh/test.rb, line 86
def assert_scripted
  raise "there is no script to be processed" if
  Net::SSH::Test::Extensions::IO.with_test_extension { yield }
  assert, "there should not be any remaining scripted events, but there are still"                                              "#{} pending"
connection(options={}) click to toggle source

Returns the connection session (Net::SSH::Connection::Session) for use in these tests. It is a fully functional SSH session, operating over a mock socket (#socket).

# File lib/net/ssh/test.rb, line 67
def connection(options={})
  @connection ||=, options)
socket(options={}) click to toggle source

Returns the test socket instance to use for these tests (see Net::SSH::Test::Socket).

# File lib/net/ssh/test.rb, line 60
def socket(options={})
  @socket ||=
story() { |script| ... } click to toggle source

If a block is given, yields the script for the test socket (#socket). Otherwise, simply returns the socket's script. See Net::SSH::Test::Script.

# File lib/net/ssh/test.rb, line 53
def story
  Net::SSH::Test::Extensions::IO.with_test_extension { yield socket.script if block_given? }
  return socket.script
transport(options={}) click to toggle source

Returns the transport session (Net::SSH::Transport::Session) for use in these tests. It is a fully functional SSH transport session, operating over a mock socket (#socket).

# File lib/net/ssh/test.rb, line 74
def transport(options={})
  @transport ||=
    options[:host] || "localhost",
    options.merge(kex: "test", host_key: "ssh-rsa", append_all_supported_algorithms: true, verify_host_key: :never, proxy: socket(options))