module Net::SSH::Transport::KeyExpander

Public Class Methods

expand_key(bytes, start, options={}) click to toggle source

Generate a key value in accordance with the SSH2 specification. (RFC4253 7.2. “Output from Key Exchange”)

# File lib/net/ssh/transport/key_expander.rb, line 8
def self.expand_key(bytes, start, options={})
  if bytes == 0
    return ""
  k = start[0, bytes]
  return k if k.length >= bytes
  digester = options[:digester] or raise 'No digester supplied'
  shared   = options[:shared] or raise 'No shared secret supplied'
  hash     = options[:hash] or raise 'No hash supplied'
  while k.length < bytes
    step = digester.digest(shared + hash + k)
    bytes_needed = bytes - k.length
    k << step[0, bytes_needed]
  return k