class Net::SSH::Prompt

Default prompt implementation, called for asking password from user. It will never be instantiated directly, but will instead be created for you automatically.

A custom prompt objects can implement caching, or different UI. The prompt object should implemnted a start method, which should return something implementing ask and success. Net::SSH uses it like:

prompter = options[:password_prompt].start({type:'password'})
while !ok && max_retries < 3
  user = prompter.ask("user: ", {}, true)
  password = prompter.ask("password: ", {}, false)
  ok = send(user, password)
  prompter.sucess if ok

Public Class Methods

default(options = {}) click to toggle source


# File lib/net/ssh/prompt.rb, line 24
def self.default(options = {})
  @default ||= new(options)
new(options = {}) click to toggle source
# File lib/net/ssh/prompt.rb, line 28
def initialize(options = {}); end

Public Instance Methods

start(info) click to toggle source

start password session. Multiple questions might be asked multiple times on the returned object. Info hash tries to uniquely identify the password session, so caching implementations can save passwords properly.

# File lib/net/ssh/prompt.rb, line 58
def start(info)